Building blocks for a payments business

Designed to deliver a customized merchant experience that converts.

Quick and easy integrated payments

Provide merchants a complete payment solution with VES‘s API-based integrated payments. Everything from secure payments to refunds are covered, whether in-person or online, with a customizable checkout flow keeping you in charge of user experience.

  • Support for multiple payment methods: Credit, Debit, and FPX

Payment form

Our payment form is the best creation ever to be develop for internet entrepreneur like you! For those who sell online without an e-commerce platform, our payment form help your customer make payment easily through FPX and debit/credit card.

Simply share your payment form and start receiving online payment, easily!

Product Collection Form

If you sell multiple products at one time and yet to have an online webstore, our Product Collection Form is the best solution for you! Product collection allows merchant to add up to 10 product items in a single form.

Recurring Payment

​Charge your customers on a regular basis or a scheduled date via credit or debit card for a predefined amount. ​2 types of recurring,
instalment & subscription. It’s the best solution for big purchase items, membership, tuition fees, rentals, apps subscriptions and etc.

Split Settlements

Created for dropship business team. Share your profits with your team hassle-free. Dropship business made easy.Your sub-merchant will then expand your sales to their network. Once the product is sold, the settlement process will be split accordingly, automatically.


Mail Order / Telephone Order transactions without the presence of the card or the cardholder. When the cardholder can’t physically be present. Have a purchase transaction agreed by both parties but your customer can’t be there physically to proceed with the payment? Use MOTO to process the payments via telephone call or email.

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