Total Payment Solution In One Platform Connected Nationwide Innovative & Flexible. Reliable & Secure. software platforms

Direct connectivity to the major payment schemes

Easy integration

Built-in fraud protection and tokenization

Real-time payment status update

Digitised Payment Process

Quick Checkout

List products/ services on a single payment form and sell more.

QR Payment

Payer scan the QR code to proceed payment.


Identify card details for a better fraud preventions.


Transaction without the presence of card and cardholder.


Securely store card details to ease checkout process.

Recurring Payment

Receive payments periodically, without hassle!

Split Settlement

Share your profit among your team, hassle-free.

Real-time Report

Generate monthly sales, real-time transaction data via Dashboard.

Discover Our Payment Methods

Accept all these payment methods by integrating with

our payment gateway.

Digitised Payment Process


Retail Store

Service Centre

Online Store

Virtual Sales Channel


Compliance and Security
with Integrated Fraud Management

Fraud Detection

Real-time fraud detection and scoring engine to stop transaction fraud before the impact.

  • Reduce chargebacks by identifying and flagging risky orders.
  • Highly configurable with over 200 combinations and parameters.
  • Respond to new fraud trends as they come online, automatically.
  • Set rules whether to accept, reject or manually review transactions.
  • Matches IP address to region, BIN to country, high risk IPs, proxies and more.

Smart 3DS Service

We manage 3D Secure 2 complexity as required under PSD2 SCA to offer acquirer-agnostic solution.

  • Dynamically routes transactions via the appropriate 3DS flow
  • Enables higher authorizations while reducing risk

PCI-DSS Compliance

In compliance with PCI Data Security Standards, we have met and surpassed all requirements set forth as a Level 1 Service Provider. We fulfil the need for the highest security available to protect businesses and payers.

Dispute Process

Unrecognized card transactions and other potential disputes response is more rapidly and effectively. We giving businesses owner a clear overview of fraud and chargeback information.

  • Manage and settle disputes more efficiently 24/7
  • Real-time chargeback alerts and consolidated reporting
  • Proprietary in-house solutions and integration to major third parties