Embed more revenue

Integrated payments designed for platforms. Built for instant onboarding and processing without friction or fraud. Choose online or offline or both.

Payment for platforms

Built exclusively for the unique online, POS, and omnichannel needs of software platforms

Instant Onboarding

Enable customers to start acepting payments in minutes with little more than an email address.

Seamless Processing

Embed modern transaction and payout capability into your UX with a single, scalable integation.

Risk & Compliance

Protect yourself from regulatory overhead and downside while still driving high conversion.

Discover the power of integrated payments

vES, your way

A range of flexbile options enable you to optimize setup for your goals. Example scenarios:

Direct referral

Add the ability for your ustomers to get paid easily with your merchant accounts.

Custom build

Enable native processing with your brand name and pricing that supports your revenue strategy.

Full control

Own as much of the experiene as you want, all the way to becoming a payment facilitator.

Get more with vES

Your single integration unlocks the unmatched combination of  innovation and world-leading financial services.

Trusted Brand

Partner with the financial institution serving nearly half of Malaysian households and 4 million small businesses with the nation’s banking portal.

Business Development

Grow targeted awareness ad generate new business leads.

Added Services

Get insights and analysis to inform your growth decisions from our dashboard.

What could integrated payments for your business